About Tracy

Tracy Rose Nature Photography

Photography is my way of sharing images that hopefully stir in others the sense of connection that nature awakens in the human spirit.

I’ve always had a strong love for the immense beauty of the natural world.  I found early on in my life that spending long periods of time in the silence and solitude of nature was something that would consistently fill me with a deep sense of peace and clarity. 

Every one of my photos and videos carries my life's journey and personal story...  joy and sorrow, love and loss, but always my gratitude and appreciation for this precious short time on earth. The timeless beauty of nature continues to overwhelm me.  It inspires and encourages me to live my dreams, grow from my disappointments, and to ponder what is truly valuable.  For me, photography is more than a well composed camera shot.  It’s about capturing nature’s deeper expressions of what lies beyond the view of the glorious beauty that surrounds us.  

My hope is that my images may bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your life, or even inspire you to take your own personal adventure to find the gifts that nature awaits to offer you. - Tracy Rose

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